Hello fellow wanderers and welcome to the Wander Woman Journal! As a travel consultant and concierge, I acquired over 25 years experience with trip planning and helping others get to their destinations. Traveling is like breathing to me and my wish is that everyone will get out and see the world. I know first hand the personal growth travel can bring. It’s even more rewarding to see the change and growth in others.

I especially want to encourage women to get out there. I love that more and more women are traveling but I also know how busy we get and put things off. Don’t wait! Take that trip now or at least take actionable steps towards planning that trip you’ve been meaning to take.

My Mission:

  • To encourage you to visit the next town over. It’s easy to travel to the most recognizable destinations when planning your trip but there are benefits to checking out areas in the vicinity of the hot spots.
  • I’d like to appeal to the traveling public to be mindful of the destinations we visit. So many of our chosen destinations are facing an ecology crisis and are vulnerable. Reef friendly suntan lotions and leaving only your footprints behind are just a couple of examples of steps we can take.
  • My hope is that we can all think in terms of traveling like visitors and guests instead of tourists. The word “tourist” has unfortunately become a trigger word, and often for good reason. Having lived and worked in high tourist areas, I’ve been on the receiving end of many busy travel seasons. Many communities throughout the world depend on tourist dollars but it can come at a price of watching tourists hit and run like locusts. Support local businesses, be gracious, ask questions but be willing to hear the answer, even if you don’t like it. Research customs before you travel. Pick up your trash! (I’m especially talking to you, visitors of Dolores Park in San Francisco!)

I didn’t get on a plane until I was 17 years old but once I started, I was hooked. I traveled with friends when I could but mainly traveled solo for almost 20 years, making new friends along the way. Women traveling alone is something I encourage, as I personally know the growth one can experience spending time with themselves. You might enjoy it, you might not, but you’ll learn how to rely on yourself. You won’t know anything unless you’re willing to find out! We’ll explore this more under Women Traveling Solo.

These days, I travel with my travel partner and partner in life. I found someone as nomadic and as curious about the world as I am. My first question to my husband was, “do you like cats?” My second question was, “do you like to travel?” Thankfully, we saw eye to eye on both subjects and it has been one adventure after another for over 10 years. Our adventures have included moving to Hawaii, Las Vegas, and back to our home state of California.

We’re also proud parents to a mini-Schnauzer rescue mutt named Max (Full name: Maximus Decimus Meridius Walsh. Gladiator anybody?) He’s our travel dog and goes on most road trips we take. I’ll share his travel dog adventures with you in Travel With Your Dog.

If you’re a woman traveling alone, with friends, with your partner, and/or with your pet, I encourage you to get out of town. Whether you’re in NYC or Missoula, leave your surroundings, if only for a short time. Consider it self care and part of your health routine. Plan that trip and truly participate in life. It’s so worth it!