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Pet-Friendly Destination: Santa Barbara

  Accommodations When my husband Ian and I took Max (our mini-Schnauzer travel dog) to Santa Barbara, we stayed at the Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort. For those familiar with the area and this resort, this used to be the Fess Parker resort years ago. Yes, it’s the big gorgeous resort right across from the… Continue reading

Malta, Valletta skyline


Updated Nov 1, 2023   Malta always intrigued me because, for many, it’s not usually the first country to come to mind when referencing the Mediterranean. The small country tends to be overshadowed by bigger, more commercially recognizable destinations. However, just south of Sicily, Europeans and those from Great Britain have enjoyed their holidays in… Continue reading

The Forsyth Fountain at Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia

As a city lover, I’ve noticed over the years that every city has its own tempo. Savannah has more of a flow. I’m one of those oddballs that actually enjoys the pace of New York City and San Francisco during the holiday season. Savannah is neither, yet is still a metropolitan area. It has one… Continue reading

Rapallo, Italy

Rapallo, Italy

The acclaimed towns of Portofino and Santa Margherita welcome thousands of visitors yearly. However, also located in Ligurian sea bliss is Rapallo, an alluring destination in the Italian Riviera.  When to visit My husband Ian and I visited in the fall which was a perfect time of the year. The summer crowds were gone and… Continue reading

Manta Rays at night in Kona HI

Night Snorkeling with Manta Rays

Hawaiian Marine Life The marine life in Hawaii is unlike anything you’ll see anywhere in the world. Living in Hawaii, I saw green sea turtles almost daily, Hawaiian monk seals, and fish you can only see in Hawaii. Some animals come and go seasonally, while others are just always there. Seeing these beautiful creatures in… Continue reading

moss beach distillery

Moss Beach Distillery

The Distillery Once called Frank’s place after the distillery’s founder Frank Torres, the former speakeasy was perfect for bootleggers to get their products to San Francisco during prohibition. The location of the distillery was in a foggy area on the coast. This proved to be ideal for receiving whiskey on the beach and swiftly sending it… Continue reading

San Francisco-Beyond Fisherman’s Wharf

Golden Gate Park Did you know that Golden Gate Park is larger than Central Park? It really is a massive park! Golden Gate Park is known for a few notable areas such as the Botanical Gardens and Japanese Garden, and events like the annual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. Golden Gate Park also has the wonderful… Continue reading

Beautiful spa composition with towels on wooden table against li

Sol Spa-San Pedro

Traveling to Belize is relaxing by definition. Flying into the Central American country, with the 2nd largest Great Barrier Reef in the world and natural beauty, has an instant calming effect. You feel the health benefits and good feelings from the warm air, snorkeling, swimming, and simply enjoying the tropical breezes. If you would like… Continue reading

Basement interior with stone floor - Medieval European basement interior, with round ceiling and stone floor, with strong sun lights at the entrance

Ghost Tour In Scotland

Season Of The Witch We traveled to Scotland in the fall, a great time to visit to bypass the summer crowds. It’s also a fantastic time to go if you love the Halloween vibe. Fall leaves and the changing season makes for an automatic creepy feel for nighttime ghost tours. After you’ve walked around the… Continue reading

mauna loa eruption on big island hawaii

Big Island Hawaii Volcanoes

How to safely visit Mauna Loa and all of Hawaii’s active volcanos Big Island Hawaii Volcanos by day You first have to keep up with the local news, the USGS website, and Volcanos National Park to keep up with the latest warnings, risks, and closures. During the day, it’s incredible to witness. You’re not just… Continue reading

shark in the ocean

Hawaii Shark Cage Experience

Updated March 2023 Do you want to do something both exhilarating and educational? Grab some snorkel gear and have a Hawaii shark cage experience! Our oceans are full of mysteries that humans are drawn to explore. They have underwater secrets and societies that researchers and scientists are dedicated to uncovering. Unfortunately, our oceans are suffering…. Continue reading

Ghost Town Bodie California

The Ghost Town of Bodie  Located in the Eastern Sierra mountain range, is the ghost town of Bodie in California. Once a thriving gold mining town with enough crime to compete with other boom towns, it is now a National Historic Landmark and on many lists calling it one of America’s best ghost towns. It’s… Continue reading

Camping in the Santa Ynez Mountains

Updated March 2023 Camping in the Santa Ynez Mountains is enjoyable if you love the outdoors and Santa Barbara. Located off of Highway 154 is the Rancho Oso Guest Ranch & Resort. This is a wonderful destination for those who want to put a tent together or go “glamping.” Try, try, again. Call it living… Continue reading

Women Traveling Solo-Do it!

Updated March 2023 Why Women Should Get Out There Safety It’s still strange to some people that a woman would choose to travel solo. For some travelers, well meaning friends and family recoil at the thought of a woman or anyone for that matter, traveling alone for safety reasons. Totally understandable and it’s a valid… Continue reading