Destinations is the home base for the various travel destinations mentioned. It’s a catalogue of the destinations I have traveled to and a guide for readers to reference to. These are places I have visited and information gathered to pass on to the traveling public. The purpose of displaying various areas is to inspire readers to see the world and spark a curiosity. Some areas presented may be old news to some or something different to others. My photos may also present a bit of nostalgia for a place visited that was loved. The section will be one of the most updated on the website as it’s constantly changing and updated based on my travels. New places, or new experiences upon a revisit will be shared.



Updated Nov 1, 2023   Malta always intrigued me because, for many, ...


Savannah, Georgia
Rapallo, Italy
Night Snorkeling with Manta Rays
Moss Beach Distillery
San Francisco-Beyond Fisherman’s Wharf
Three Great Ways to Enjoy Las Vegas off The Strip
Big Island Hawaii Volcanoes
Hawaii Shark Cage Experience
Sonoma County and the Bohemian Highway