Who are you, woman? 

In general, I’m a Gen X-er who loves to plan the next trip as soon as I get home from the last one. I traveled primarily solo, sometimes with others until my husband came along. Once we got together, we took travel to a whole new level and moved to our dream destination, Hawaii. We have also lived in Las Vegas, back to our origins in the Bay Area, and now Southern California. Nomads don’t tend to let grass grow under their feet!

What makes you so special?

I can’t answer that. What is special to one person, is not so much to another. I haven’t been everywhere but my strength has always been passing on my experiences with honesty and knowing that not all destinations appeal to everyone. When I come home excited about where I’ve been, I want to share it and hope that someone who has the same interest will benefit. Even in my sales days, I never wanted to “sell” a destination. I simply share what I’ve seen, what I’ve done, and what I learned. I don’t usually spend too much time on negative experiences. However, if I think something sucks…you’ll know it! Travel is subjective and completely personal. I strongly suggest you spend precious time with those whose content speaks to you and inspires you. That’s what I do. 

Where have you been?

My travels include the South Pacific, Europe, the Caribbean, & Central America, just to name a few. I also love running around California (my home state) with my husband and sharing all of its gems. Is that all I love? Heck no! That’s just the sample platter. 

Gen X? Why would I want to hang out here when there are other sites targeted to Gen Z, Millennials, and Baby Boomers?  

Why limit yourself? Also, I’ve sent all of y’all around the world! Over the years, I was never a one-dimensional customer service professional. From university students traveling on semesters abroad to making arrangements for hotel owners, travel needs are not one size fits all. Many of my Gen X friends are starting to travel now that their kids are on their own. I love seeing people fulfill their travel dreams after putting them off. That said, I still love talking about travel plans with travelers of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. 

What is your style of travel? Luxury travel? Pitching a tent? What, woman?!

I’ve slept in plenty of luxury hotels as well as small cabins, hostels, and dirt-cheap motels. Where accommodations are concerned, my hubby and I tend to fall right in the middle. Yet, we remain flexible about accommodations depending on where we’re traveling to. The experience takes priority. It’s more important for us to stay someplace that will give us the best, most authentic experience than it is to have room service. My husband is at an Andrew Zimmern level of bravery when it comes to food so we like to try the local foods and will plan our trips around dining and drinking. (Any wine and whiskey fans out there?)

Since this is called “Wander Woman Journal,” is this site strictly focused on the female traveler?

Yes..and no. As much as I encourage my fellow women wanderers to get out there and give themselves the gift of discovery, I know first-hand that we can all learn from each other’s experiences. In fact, I love to exchange conversations about travel and the world with people different from myself. It’s how we learn to challenge ourselves and think about visiting destinations we might not have considered had we not been inspired by someone different from ourselves. I hope we can build a community where wandering women can learn from each other as well as inspire others to travel, learn, and care for our destinations and each other.