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If you’re looking for a ghost tour in Scotland, don’t miss this tour! Mercat Tours in Edinburgh has been offering historical and ghost tours since 1985. This award-winning tour company offers an authentic tour around Old Town Edinburgh, whose history should be absorbed with all of the wonderful tours in the city.

Season Of The Witch

We traveled to Scotland in the fall, a great time to visit to bypass the summer crowds. It’s also a fantastic time to go if you love the Halloween vibe. Fall leaves and the changing season makes for an automatic creepy feel for nighttime ghost tours.

After you’ve walked around the old town city streets, you’re taken down to the Blair Street Underground Vaults to learn about the dark caverns under the road. We did an early evening tour and boy, was it creepy! Once you get down into the vaults, it’s dark, tight quarters. I didn’t feel claustrophobic, just slightly creeped out which is what we were looking for.

The storytellers with Mercat Tours are fantastic. Our guide was in full character and provided our only light in the vaults. His only light was a single candle in the dark vaults which added to the spook factor. The further you get into the vaults, the quieter it gets. You’re obviously getting further from the noise of the city streets and it’s noticeable.

sign of vaults on Mercat Tours

Once he gathered us in a group, he started his story of those tortured in the vaults (where we were standing) and the ghostly encounters others had. He was speaking in a very quiet voice which added to the already spooky atmosphere. He intrigued our group with his ghost story then…he blew out the candle. Total darkness. So creepy!

I highly recommend this ghost tour in Scotland. It was a great tour for a couple always on the hunt for the creep factor in our travels. We will definitely repeat this tour on our next visit to Edinburgh. Their website states they gather for whiskey for their night tours-something we missed last time. Check out this wonderful tour company when you visit Edinburgh.