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Haunted destinations are some of my favorite travel destinations. Full Disclosure: I’m a horror movie fan. And that’s an understatement. When my friend and I lived together, we scared dates that came over with our library of horror movies on our wall. It’s no wonder that haunted travel is something I’ve been into for most of my life.

My husband enjoys that I routinely make sure that closet doors are closed, and if I hear the theme to “The Exorcist” on tv, I put my hands over my ears. Still, I have to watch because though I might be scared, I can’t resist! I love ghost stories, and especially love the old formula of big, haunted houses and things that go bump in the night.

Why search for haunted destinations? You can find them almost anywhere you travel if you look for them. My husband and I went on a ghost tour in Edinburgh, Scotland. We enjoyed the creep factor but also appreciated it as a great walking tour with a lot of historical reference.

Recently, I went on a nighttime walking ghost tour in Savannah, Georgia where I learned about the famous historical homes in the area. Many “haunted” destinations simply have a tragic past with a colorful legend.

When you think about it, many historical sites you may have visited often have some kind of haunting or ghost story attached to it. “Eyewitness accounts” and “people have seen” jargon often surrounds some of the most famous structures, houses, palaces, museums, and mountain tops.

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