Ghost hunters, check out this ghostly destination with a view at Moss Beach Distillery. Moss Beach Distillery in Moss Beach, California is a fun, laid back atmosphere with a Pacific view and cool ghost story. Located on the San Mateo County Coast, the distillery houses delicious food and drinks, and a resident ghost called, “The Blue Lady.” Cue the spooky music.

The Distillery

The patio-Moss Beach Distillery

Once called Frank’s place after the distillery’s founder Frank Torres, the former speakeasy was perfect for bootleggers to get their products to San Francisco during prohibition. The location of the distillery was in a foggy area on the coast. This proved to be ideal for receiving whiskey on the beach and swiftly sending it on its way to San Francisco. Those in the know traveled to the coastal town to enjoy spirits (of all kind) including celebrities and politicians.

Ghostly Resident: The Blue Lady

Moss Beach

Those of us who frequented the area or the distillery itself, heard about their permanent resident, “The Blue Lady.” I always heard about her but didn’t get into the weeds of the story until the last few years. Somehow, ordering bloody Mary cocktails always took priority.

There are various iterations of her story but one version is that her lover broke her heart. She was so distraught that she threw herself into the ocean in despair. Another is that her husband found out about her lover and killed her on the beach. She and her lover were walking on the beach when her husband attacked them both, stabbing her to death. Her lover survived the attack.

Is She Casper or from The Conjuring?

According to employees and as covered on “Unsolved Mysteries”, she’s a friendly ghost. Unexplained events included levitating checkbooks, and misplaced items. Doors are mysteriously locked, women lost earrings, and small children reported sightings of her. The theory is she is looking for her lover since their time was interrupted.

A Day at the Distillery

Bloody Mary at Moss Beach Distillery

Today, the distillery is enjoyed by those wanting great food, wine, and cocktails with a fabulous view. We’ve enjoyed mornings on their dog-friendly patio with a bloody Mary or by their outdoor fire pit with a nice cup of cocoa. It’s a laid-back coastal atmosphere, inviting you to hang out and stay a while. The menu includes local fresh fish, local wines, and signature cocktails. Do they happen to they happen to have a cocktail named after the Blue Lady? Of course they do! The Blue Lady martini is a refreshing vodka martini containing…you guessed it…Blue Curacao.

What else is around there?

The San Mateo Coast is full of destinations. If you plan to visit the Moss Beach Distillery, you could combine it with other destinations close by. With Moss Beach in between San Francisco and San Jose, you have plenty of options. Here are a couple:

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay, CA.

South of Moss Beach is Half Moon Bay. Known for its annual Pumpkin Festival, Half Moon Bay is a place I love. It has a charming downtown with terrific restaurants, shopping, and fishing if you want to catch your own lunch. For a special weekend away, check out the amazing Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay.

San Francisco

If you’re at the beginning of the bootleg trail, why not see where it ended up? San Francisco is just over 2o miles north of the Moss Beach Distillery. I’ve done plenty of day trips, even half day trips to Moss Beach while living in San Francisco. It’s a great combination for a city escape with a quiet coastal getaway.