There’s a reason why Tony Bennett sang that beautiful song. San Francisco has always been in my heart, for as long as I can remember. I grew up in San Jose, south of San Francisco, but escaped to “the city” as often as I could. Just as New Yorkers will defend their beautiful city from those who just don’t quite get it, I have the same reverence for the city by the bay. She goes through stages of everyone loving and hating her, with those of us who will never give up on her staying true.

Best Time To Visit

It’s true about the cold summers. Though it might be warm in other parts of the U.S, that’s not always the case in San Francisco. It’s a surprise if you wear shorts in June but if you’re going to “The City”, you should prepare to wear layers anyway. The micro-climates around San Francisco are as varied as the residents. Personally, I love the June fog but if you’re looking for warm summer days to get clear photos of the Golden Gate Bridge, you might want to go in the fall.

Getting Around

From the Airport

Options for those not renting a car: