Traveling to Belize is relaxing by definition. Flying into the Central American country, with the 2nd largest Great Barrier Reef in the world and natural beauty, has an instant calming effect. You feel the health benefits and good feelings from the warm air, snorkeling, swimming, and simply enjoying the tropical breezes. If you would like even more relaxation, consider a visit to the Sol Spa San Pedro, located in Ambergris Caye, Belize. 

Great Girls’ Getaway

My husband and I were in Belize with our friends, who thankfully introduced us to the amazing country. After a few fun-filled days full of snorkeling and enjoying life on Ambergris Caye, my girlfriend and I decided to break away on our own to have spa treatments. 

The Sol Spa is located in The Phoenix Resort, a luxury resort centrally located in San Pedro. Though close to shops, restaurants, and everything San Pedro has to offer, the resort somehow maintains the tranquility and understated elegance. 

They have a full-service menu, offering facials, waxing, warm bath soaks, and body treatments. The spa accommodates everyone from parties of one to groups including bridal parties and can cater your party or celebration with advanced reservations. How fun would that be?

Though in separate rooms, we both opted for the Something For Everybody therapeutic massage. I have a few pre-existing conditions I always have to discuss with any new massage therapist so I try to be clear about my needs to create a good session. 

Communication is key 

I suffer from migraine headaches and an old whiplash injury in my neck so I’m pretty particular about what needs to be done. In general, I need a cool room for the headaches, and I need someone who’s going to beat the living tar and knots out of my neck. Where many people are sensitive to deep tissue massage, I tell massage therapists to go for it. 

My masseuse was attentive and delivered the perfect amount of pressure to release me from the aches and pains I had. She kept checking in with me to make sure I was happy with the pressure. The results: success! It occurred to me while I was melting on the table, that our bodies do take a beating from traveling. (I know, duh.) Airplane seats, a bed not your own, and all of the activities you enjoy can all add up to a beating. Or at least a really good reason for a massage. 

My friend came out of her session, equally relaxed and happy. We both discussed possibly having another session before our holiday ended. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen but we kept talking about it! 

In addition to massage services, Yoga classes are complimentary to those staying at the resort, and private yoga sessions are available upon request. 

I found traveling to Ambergris Caye a stress reducer in itself. When we travel to beautiful, tropical locations, it’s easy to drop our bags on arrival, and think, this is total relaxation. That is often true in my case. I do suggest however if you want to achieve wet-noodle status, treat yourself to a spa treatment. Even if it’s a foot massage or a facial. I highly recommend the Sol Spa in San Pedro if traveling to Ambergris Caye, Belize.