Driving through the Valley of Fire-Overton Nevada

Though Las Vegas is immediately recognized for the famous Strip, there is more to discover in Las Vegas and its surrounding areas beyond the hotels and casinos. Here are 3 great ways to enjoy Las Vegas off the Strip:

Springs Preserve

Springs Preserve is an oasis within the city, providing an opportunity to get up close and personal with Nevada’s indigenous plants and animals. Cactus and succulents from the Mojave desert, the desert tortoise, and Gila monsters are just a few exhibits to enjoy at the preserve. In a city located in the middle of the desert, you’ll also be pleasantly surprised by vibrant, yellow flowers, blue and green succulents, and pink flowering cactuses among the variety of plants native to the Mojave Desert. All can be found along the 3.5 miles of walking trails and botanical gardens. The seasonal Butterfly Habitat features various species, from the tiniest of butterflies to huge beauties with large, cobalt-tinted wings.

333 S. Valley View Blvd.


Speed Vegas

Love the idea of barreling down a straightaway in a Ferrari at 140 mph? Speed Vegas is where to go. Experience pure adrenaline from driving exotic cars on a real racetrack. Other packages include desert tours to discover the rugged mountains and vivid western sunsets and ride-along experiences if you prefer someone else to do the driving.

14200 S Las Vegas Blvd. 

(702) 789-0568

Valley of Fire

Reading petroglyphs (ancient rock carvings) etched into fiery-colored canyon walls is like having someone from the past tell you a story. The Valley of Fire, is a day trip from the city, offering a backdrop of rolling hills filled with rust-colored mountains, cliffs, and rock formations. Discover more than 40,000 acres of ancient lands from your air-conditioned car or hike to points of interest, such as Elephant Rock. Overnight camping is allowed for those who want to sleep under the stars in this ancient land.

at 29450 Valley of Fire Hwy, Overton

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