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Trip planning can be daunting and seem overwhelming to some. It can also be the best part of your travels if you have the right resources to turn to. Some of us like to do everything online, relying only on the apps on our phones and their wits. Others prefer to be a traditional traveler, ripping out pages of their travel books or taking a beat up travel book full of dog-eared pages. I fall somewhere in the middle.

One on hand, I love how easy it is to travel with just the phone, holding all of your confirmation numbers, maps, and itineraries at your finger tips. But there’s something about the research process and rifling through travel books that I will always be dedicated to. I have always found some gratification in having my trip planning efforts laid out in front of me before a trip. Technology is great but where travel is concerned, I enjoy combining it with the tangible parts of trip planning. No matter how you like to plan your travels, be sure to enjoy the process since that is part of the journey. This page will be updated with the inevitable changes that come with the travel world.

Airline Customer Service Dashboard

We don’t want to think about hiccups or roadblocks happening during our trips but unfortunately, they’re a reality. The Department of Transportation provided the Airline Customer Service Dashboard to assist with airline issues that come up. Think 2022 holiday travel and the cluster created by airline cancellations. Since then, Pete Buttigieg, the Secretary of Transportation asked airlines in the U.S. to commit to giving the traveling public some kind of recourse. Whether it’s flight interruptions and cancellations, or fee-free family seating (this is huge!), you can view which airlines have made commitments to assist the public and what those commitments are.

fountain at Forsyth Park in Savannah


You have to know what to pack, right?