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What is ecotourism? I think the The World Tourism Organization describes it best: “tourism in which the main motivation of the tourists is the observation and appreciation of nature as well as the traditional cultures prevailing in natural areas.”

Ecotourism is easy to engage in. You don’t have to jump on a plane if you don’t want to. You simply need the interest and desire to care for the places you’re traveling to or your own backyard.

Ecotourism and sustainable travel are not just catch phrases. In a post-pandemic moment (though we’re still in it), people are planning to travel in great numbers. Fantastic! However, even pre-pandemic, some of our most loved destinations have almost been loved to death.

For example, my husband and I lived in Hawaii for a few years and go back regularly. Hanauma Bay, a snorkeling hotspot on the island of Oahu has been showing signs of stress for years by way of dying and dead coral. Does it makes sense to snorkel there in mass numbers to look at dead coral? What was the original purpose of your visit?

The good news is that Hanauma Bay showed signs of recovery during the pandemic, when it was left alone. That doesn’t mean that years of abuse were erased. It just shows that the earth can heal given the chance. Little things like wearing coral friendly sunscreen when snorkeling or learning about how to take care of the destination you’re visiting can make a huge difference.

Take care of your chosen destination. Be a conscious and mindful traveler. Preservation of the destinations we visit will work towards their longevity. As mindful travelers, we have the power to help local economies, help environments recover globally, and preserve cultures.