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Who needs a massage? Seriously, who doesn’t? Spa getaways are more than just a luxury outing. Spas are more than a one size fits all. The menu of different types of spas is almost dizzying. There are day spas, yoga retreats, luxury spas, even 30 minute spa services for those on the go.

Having family in Yountville, I used to treat myself to a spa treatment every few months. I’ve tried them all from stone massages to mud baths. I’ve gone alone, with friends, and with my husband. I love that spas can be enjoyed by anyone for almost any ailment or need, even if it’s just to recharge.

Just a note: I have been to plenty of “luxury” spas but have found that as long as the masseuse is knowledgeable, I don’t care if there’s a view or ambiance. I’ve suffered from migraines most of my life, whiplash, carpel tunnel, and basic aches and pains from sittings at desks for 30 years. I just want someone to get the kinks out!

Whether the service is $20 or $300, I’ll tell you about it if they helped me. I no longer go as often as I used to but every so often, I need a massage. I’ll keep you posted on my recommendations.

Here’s to good health!

massage in session at Sol Spa

Sol-Spa San Pedro, Belize

Bodega Bay Photo by: Sonoma Coast Villa

Spa Getaway Bodega Bay