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Traveling with your dog is doable and enjoyable when you know where to go. Our 7-year-old pup Max has been traveling with us since he first chose us to be his parents 6 years ago. We haven’t worked up to flying with him but our road trips usually require dog-friendly accommodations and restaurants.

Prior to the early days of the pandemic, our travel routine with Max was pretty solid. Once 2020 became what it was, we put our dog-friendly travel game into high gear. We were pleasantly surprised to find that dog-friendly travel is more common now than it used to be. 

carla and max the mini-schnauzer

Should They Come Along?

Traveling with your dog should be something your fur baby will enjoy, be comfortable, and above all, be safe. I can’t stress enough how we must put their needs above our need to have them with us. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve witnessed dogs left in hot cars, at restaurants on freezing cold concrete, or at crowded festivals looking terrified. We love having Max with us but if we know he will be miserable or uncomfortable, we leave him at home or with trusted caregivers. 

I especially think that women traveling solo with their pups can experience an excellent getaway! Even day trips to the beach can be a happy escape with the one who always has your back. When we lived in Las Vegas where Max was adopted, I found beautiful parks to walk him and pet friendly bars and restaurants. Is there anything better than having a glass of wine while watching your pup play?

We are proud to say that he is spoiled. He’s happy because we try to have him with us as much as possible but we also do our homework before taking him on any trips. Always open to new information on how to travel safely with him, we’re helping him live his best life.