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My home state of California remains one of the most visited states in the U.S. To those visiting, it’s a state truly packed with something for everyone. It is home to varied languages, cultures, and diversity, as it has been since the Indigenous people set the tone thousands of years ago.

California is not just mansions and beaches as it has come to be known. It is also a state rich in culture and has always welcomed those looking for reinvention. Whether the state was ready or not, it has always attracted those looking for California’s natural and human-created riches.

It is a home to generations of families, who relied on literally getting their hands dirty and working hard. That’s evident in award-winning wines, farms, fish mongers, and some of the most delicious food, cultivated, harvested, and cared for. Those are California’s traditions, both generational and on the horizon.


natural bridges in santa cruz california
Natural Bridges-Santa Cruz, California